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FIRMING, TONIG & MOISTURIZING: The oil is absorbed quickly by the body because it breaks up fat in problematic areas including the hips, abdomen and firms & tones skin. The oil is extremely effective against belly fat.

POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE: The essential oils in our formula release fatty acids where the body breaks them down to end fat cells and cellulite. Because of its natural properties, the oil is powerful in reducing fat in under 2 weeks.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with grapeseed, grapefruit, olive, ginger oils and a ton of rare herbs, enjoy beautiful results without harsh chemicals.

How to Use:

Pour a few drops of the oil on your hands and gently massage the body part you want to target (stomach, thighs, belly arms, hips, and legs) with round motions. For real good results, massage the oil on damp skin after using a damp towel or taking a bath. This is because damp skin helps lock in the moisture and ensures effective penetration.

Make sure to massage for 10 minutes and let the oil get absorbed. Use once a day, preferably at night.


The Body Firming, Fat Burning, Anti Cellulite Massage Oil comes in a 100 ml convenient bottle. One bottle of the Body Fat Burning oil bottle is enough for 2 and a half months.

Side Effects?

Guaranteed no side effects because the oil doesn’t contain any chemicals or steroids. We have only used natural oils to prepare Fat Burning Oil. It doesn’t contain any chemical.

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area in order to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if pregnant.



100 ml


62 x 56 x 12 cm

77 reviews for Fat Burning Oil

  1. Aliya Muzaffer

    I used it for 15 days the results are awesome. My body is getting in shape and I feel so fit. thank you nirvana fat burning oil

  2. Midhat

    loved the fat burning oil and whitening serum too

  3. Sehar

    Aoa this oil is showing amazing results…. My body is getting in shape day by day… Fats are goings away. N that’s wonderful 🙂 soon I’ll order more inshAllah

  4. mehak arzoo

    buhat acha result hi

  5. Arsala from Sialkot

    I love your oil I was so sad when I didn’t fit into my fav jeans collection but using ur oil after a month again I cant fit into those jeans it’s still unbelievable I still can’t believe it trust me

  6. Jeeya Sheikh

    The oil is really very effective my body fat is gone in one month. Thank you nirvanabotanics keep up the good work.

  7. Sheeba Shaheen

    Absolutely loved the fat burning oil. Its results are super awesome. I want to order one more bottle.

  8. Amna Jamshed

    Heyyyy! I’ve been using this firming oil and it’s unbelievable! I’ve treid so many things and they never worked! But this was amazing! Will be ordering another in a week. Thanks! Xx

  9. Salma hayat

    Salam, i want to order one more fat burning oil. It really works!

  10. Mehtab Hanjrani

    Thank you so much. the fat burning oil is very good. I use it daily and there is a huge difference in just 15 days. The oil is absolutely love.

  11. farah mughal

    Your fat burning oil is works amazing. I felt the difference just after using it for 15 days. It really toned my double chin and neck. I like your oil alot. And those people who are interested in it, do use the oil constantly for atleast 1 month because it works and results are permanent. Two thumbs up for the product!

  12. Binte Wajid

    want to order 2 more bottles of your magical fat burning oil…. oil is just amazing…. my body is getting in shape and i just love the results.. God bless u guys

  13. Azba Gull, Karachi

    Team Nirvana, just wanted to let you know how much I love the good work you are doing. Your fat burning oil literally changed my life! Thank you for this miracle massage oil! 🙂

  14. Mojza Ali

    3 days meine use kiya n it’s really amazing 🙂

  15. Zymal Faiq

    Highly recommended. I used 3 months ago and really loved its benefits. This is my feedback for everyone out there. Really good quality product!

  16. Saba Sahito

    thank you so much boht acha oil hai. Mein rozana use karthi hun aur boht fark para hai 15 dino mein. The oil is love!

  17. Uliya

    My body is getting in shape. This is jus gr8888

  18. Rida Fatima

    Really your fat burning oil is amazing

  19. Irum Tazeeb

    I am here to order 1 more bottle of the body firming oil…. it’s just amazing all my family members said that you are getting smart…. hope from next note I become have ideal body…. my fat belly is like magically reduced… as well legs…..

  20. Dr. Sara rafique

    The oil is great. I used it four days and already see the change. I’m ordering it for my sister now

  21. Izzah Shah

    heyyy improve your delivery system. You said 4 days but the rider took 6 days.. that’t not fair

  22. saria ahmed, karachi

    love love loved the fat oil. its just amazing like so unbelievable…… thank you much nirvanabotaics

  23. Sabreen

    The delivery takes so long. I had to wait one week for the oil to arrived, I loved the packing though

  24. Salma Anwer

    I have noticed great results on my neck, chin and legs. Really great

  25. aliya nazir

    I really loved the fat burning oil. after using the fat burning oil is have noticed so great change, just wow

  26. Farah Atif

    MA I’m using your oil for more then two weeks, it’s made a lot of difference on my stomach. I’m ordering for my sis and sis in law now!!

  27. Nusrat Saadat

    One of the best things I have ever tried online. This product has really helped me get in shape and lose excess fat. Thank you Nirvana for such a miracle product.

  28. Ayesha hanif

    Very much satisfied with the fatburning oil

  29. Shabana Waheed

    it is really great. Keep up the good work may u properous more. I didn’t exactly measured how many inches i reduced but overall my body is getting into shape.

  30. Sara waqar

    I wantt to tell you that ur fat burning oil is amazing it really work for fat burning. I used it in my thighs, an chi it worked amazingly 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 i wana order it again. I lost 3kg Nd 6inches

  31. Saeeda Shameem

    Full marks for creating this magical oil. Nirvana team asked me to give feedback on thei website and I gladly obliged because I am so happy with the results. I was so reluctant to buy first but after seeing how it worked so effortlessly for my friend, I had to give it a try. I am so glad I decided to buy it. I am using it regularly everynight for straight 28 days and the transformation is simply AMAZING! I have already ordered my second bottle and insh’Allah with my second bottle I will achieve my target of 55 Kkgs.

  32. Sana, Lahore

    I dont write reviews ever but this really is the best weight and fat loss product in Pakistan. It really is very good. It helped me so much!

  33. Sana

    Worked great for me. I am happy and thankful that I trusted them. Read so many good reviews and that’s why I gave it a try, I am thankful that I did.

  34. Iqra

    It was amazing. Its a magical oil. Mje lagta tha bekar ho ga. bcz online chezon pe yakeen ni tha mje. but it is just wow. Yaqeen nai aa rha abhi tk. it really works. Thankuu…. My sis is already using too. She also felt change

  35. Hifza

    boht e acha oil hai waqai mein farq pera hai,,, mujey yaqeen nai atha lakin farq wakeii zahir hai

  36. Hifsa Malik

    I swear to GOD this is a miracle oil. I have reduced at least 4 inches and 8 KGs with just one bottle. What a good quality product. Really very good! Must try for all!

  37. Sehrish

    Magical oil💗 bht bht bht best oil h yah myri body shap m agai h m khd heran ho gai is ko use krny k bad thankyou soooo mch guys itna acha product onln mjy phli bar mila hai

  38. SOFIA


  39. Nimra Sadoon

    مجے برا فائدہ ہوا ہے ابھی تک…… اپکا برانڈ بہت اچھا ہے

  40. Mrs Safi ur Rehman

    I used ur fat burning oil that works great , before order whenever i went through ur reviews i just thought its all fake but now after using ur product i m recommending it to others as well

    Wish you guys a more successfull way ahead, these products are really organic n have no side effects 10/10 👌👌👌👌👌

  41. Saria Maqbool

    Works absolutely fine. I feel light and energetic. I feel different and better now 🙂

  42. Javeria Taj

    I used this product first time on 11 july 2019 and it was amazing eversince. The amount of fat i have lost is visible. My friends and family have complimented me how I look a lot more in shape and fit. I think this is an excellent product that gives you results. You just need to be a little patient and use it regularly.

  43. Momina Adnan

    your fat burning oil literally works like magic. I’m very impressed. I have noticed visible results. I lost 5 inches of my belly in just 15 days. I mean, THIS REALLY IS MAGIC. will surely order again. good work. keep it up 👍❤ strongly recommended. everyone should must give it a shot 👍👍😍

  44. U Jalil

    I applied the fat burner oil at my back it literally did magic reduced about 80% of fat from my back😍
    Thankyou very much I was literally down due to this hump and I would recommend it to everyone struggling with stubborn fat❤️

  45. Sheeza Arif

    I start using this product I hope for positive results.

  46. Sameera sethi

    This product has changed my life. I have literally lost pounds after pounds. I was so skeptical in the beginning how can an oil make you lose weight but this things works so well. I feel so light now. I have lost a little over 8 KGs with just two bottles and my dress size is now small (i used to wear medium) 🙈 Thank you nirvana botanics for such high quality products 😍

  47. Sara

    So i gave feedback on instagram and now here too. This product is a true life saver. The only bad thing about the fat burning oil is that I cannot wear my favourite jeans anymore. My favourite jeans is loose now 😅

  48. Komal

    reduced my double chin and face fat, really very good products MASHALLAH. Keep up the good quality nivana team

  49. Faria Bashir

    I am not sure if this thing worked. I used it for 10 days but felt no difference. Either there is something wrong with me fat or this fat oil dont work

  50. Aqsa Mehmood

    I am using your fat burning oil. Its Amazing. I used it for belly fat and got visible results ❤️

  51. Rabia Sarwer

    I loose so much with it esply the back fat and belly and also thighs
    Meri jew line waps agai
    I love this product it really help to reduce w8 but i was doing diet and 15 min workout daily
    I think i lost some 4 5 kgs in month

  52. Maryam tasleem

    this was good experience for meeee,,, arms m or thighs m buhut fark parah h,,, That’s why am ordering again 🙂

  53. Iqra Malik

    I dont know but when i wear clothes i look thin. I Don’t know inches lose hue ya nhe but I look thin. My old clothes are fitting me well now.. Double chin is gone too. Its confusing 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  54. Nimra

    Its been 5 or 6 days maybe since I’ve started using the fat reduction oil, my double chin has already started reducing, cant believe how fast the results could be,,,. I’m so happy and satisfied 😊 TYSM surelyyy gonna order it againnn.❤️❤️

  55. Fatima javed

    Hello NB,, I wanna let you know that your Fat Burning Oil is awesome, It really works well, I’ll order it soon, plz keep making it…Thank you so much,,, I lost 4 inches in one bottle ❤️

  56. Kulsoom

    Hi guys…. First of all thankyou for the fat burning oil my friend recently gave me and I’ve been using it for a week and the result is unbelievable like I’ve lose 2 inches of my belly fat in a week without any exercise or diet it’s just amazing thankyou so much

  57. Anusha

    Its my 2nd bottle of fat burning oil…. Its amazing and magical.. U r luv❤️

  58. Sara Mughal

    Well i have used ur fat buring oil and its really does work… I want to shop it again for me and for my realatives too… Keep it up guys…

  59. Seher Younas

    I used the fat burning oil , on my double chin I’ve tried many exercises but nahi para tha itna difference , but since the first day I felt difference from the oil. Your oil is amazing

  60. Maha Amin

    It was a surprising experience. Used it on my chin and tummy and it worked brilliantly. So happpyyyyy. That’s why im ordering again :p

  61. Abeera chaudhry

    My mama said to me mera bacha bht smart hogya hy. Now she Also wants to try your fat burning oil. Mry chin or shoulder bh smart huy waist abi under process hai. Thankyou for Amazing product ❤️

  62. Abeer chaudhry

    My mama said to me mera bacha bht smart hogya hy. Now she Also wants to try your fat burning oil. Mry chin or shoulder bh smart huy waist abi under process hai.
    Thankyou for Amazing product ❤️

  63. Tayabba Malyk

    I am using your fat burning oil. Thats really amazing. I have tried many exercises for double chin but this oil is magic. ❤️

  64. Sadia sajid

    double chin pr bht asr hvah h., r face fat km hvah h. belly b almost 1 inches s thora zada km hvah h.,, aftr 3 weeks results show hveh haen… It really works. Appreciated 👍

  65. Sara Faisal

    meare double chin day by day sharp horhe h,,r shoulders or neck s fat khtm hogea h nd 2 inches belly andr chale gae h,, r zra c diet r few steps chltr hn. m ne 1 mnth k andr andr 2 kg vazan b km krhlea h,, Bht amazingggg 😍😍😍

  66. Mishie

    I ordered fat burning oil for my aunt and after usage of half bottle her stubborn belly fat started going away 😊😊 thank your for such product i was afraid either it will be of use or not
    But results are slow but clear

  67. Samrah bhatti

    Hello! I want write a much needed review for Nirvana Botanics. I have been using their product the burning oil for almost two years. And its very effective. I use it on and off whenever required. It has helped me loose and tone my body alone with clean eating and exercise. I am very happy with the product and best is that there are no side effects of the oil even during this humid weather!

  68. Mahira gill

    I am a mother of 3 children and wanted to lose weight because my family is complete now MASHALLAH. I lost 2 KGs in just first 9 days of using this oil. Thankuuu soo much. The oil has also helped lose fat around my face. I didn’t think it was possible. Thankuuu love thiss oil….😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Syeda Maya shah

    It’s best experience I have done with your products spacially fat burning oil I just love it

  70. Mimi

    iam your customer for over 2 years now iam really impressed first you started fat burning oil i used it lost almost 5 kgs with it with clean diet and then whitening serum is love
    keep it up guys

  71. Huda waseem

    I have been using your fat burning oil for the second time and it’s really effective plus its been a week using whitening serum and under eye stick its good too my skin tone looks better than before and dark circles seems little better now..

  72. Saba Masood

    not bad actually, im surprised

  73. Fatima

    Amazing sir….
    Bht benfit howa…becoz mera medical ta…i used it for thighs nd reduce 3 kg…Alhamdolilah 🙈🙈😍😍

  74. Ayesha naveed

    Alhamdullah your page is first online jisney words diya hai wohi result aya hai,, I really mean it,, meine khud bi use kia hai my almost every friend is usin

  75. Sulman abbas

    I need two more bottles of fat burning oil. its result is amazing. I loose 7 kg with just 1 bottle.

  76. Ammara Shahbaz

    It’s always a top hit and go to product for me whenever any function is up. Alhamdulillah. Hope so this one’s quality will be top class and finest as always! Trust this brand 😇

  77. Lajwanti eshwar

    I really love it and i order one more😂

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