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How to Apply Eyelash Serum:

Shake well before use. With the rollerball tip, apply serum to the root area of the upper eyelashes or brows, similar to eyeliner application. Use daily at night and let the eyelash growth serum work its magic. Make sure the eye is completely clean of any make-up or creams and dry before applying.


Perfect for those who want to enhance the thickness and length of eyelashes and/or brows. Our formula is proven to help boost the thickness and length of eyelashes with only 2 weeks of daily use.

With Castor Oil benefits and key other ingredients, Oh La Lashes Growth Formula is non-irritating, gentle and safe for all skin types. It is a nourishing serum that will help frail lashes and brows to grow stronger, longer and healthier.

Safety Warning:

For external use only. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


8 reviews for Eyelash Growth Serum

  1. Neha Raza

    Loving the eyelash serum, seen visible growth in past 2 weeks. Really great results. I can clearly see new hair sprout and my lashes are becoming more visible. Loving the feeling

  2. Naheed Wasif

    very happy with the results of eyelash serum. But the delivery took 4 days.. otherwise very good product

  3. Diya Marwat

    Am using ur eye lashes serum and it’s amazing. Thnku for this beautiful gift. I basically apply it every night before bed seen visible results in one week. My lashes become thick and long

  4. Hania Muzafer

    I have used the serum every day and took about two weeks to notice difference. My lashes definitely look thicker and longer now, i am happy with the product results. I will give full feedback once I finish my bottle. So far so good.

  5. Shazia

    definitely helps

  6. Aremeena khan

    Also I started using the eyelash growth serum after I got my eyelash extensions taken out (natural eyelashes were pretty much gone after that) and in just 2 weeks they’re back and looking so healthy ❤️❤️

  7. Minahil cheema

    I have been using the whitening serum for over the last 5-6 months And I recently tried your lash serum. It worked like magic. Keep it up ❤️

  8. Seeart zahra

    Hi… Hope u r doing great. As far as my experience is concerned I have been using ur Skin whitening Serum nd Vit C nd E serum since 6 months nd I am loving each drop of both the serums as they worked wonderfully for my acne now Alhamdolillah I have no acne and I am much happy nd thankful to u guys for making such products which actually work. (Fun fact: I am always worried about the quantity left in my serum bottle so that I could have any idea when to order my next bottle before the previous one goes empty..coz I can’t live without it now)

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