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What it is:

A multitasking skin whitening serum filled with 23 high-performance ingredients effectively whitens, brightens, and corrects the appearance of skin tone for a balanced, radiant complexion.

What it does:

Its blend of targeted technology takes a triple-action approach to fight the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The serum minimizes the appearance of dark spots and achieves a skin that’s even, radiant and glowing.


The Skin Whitening Serum comes in a 15 ml convenient dropper bottle. One bottle of the whitening serum should last you at least 2 months as only 2 to 3 drops are needed per application.

How to use?

Massage 2–4 drops onto your face and neck. Use in morning and night.


The whitening serum includes 23 high-performance ingredients. It includes 99.9% pure bearberry plant extract, Kojic Acid and Licorice Root Extract to form the perfect skin lightening formula.

Pro Tip:

To maximize your results, apply the serum while your skin is still damp. It’ll help a little bit of serum go a long way.



95 reviews for Skin Whitening Serum

  1. Manzee Z

    So i want to give an honest review. I have been suffering from Acne Vulgaris. Its a miserable sort leaving behind huge scars and hyperpigmentation. This is not a paid review or any sort of partnership. More like an honest review.

    The miracle product has been showed clearly and I thank nirvanabotanics for their whitening serum. Skin Whitening Serum which helped me in merely days to get rid of hyper pigmentation which was a living nightmere.

    My skin is still recovering and I can’t thank them enough. Oh I forgot to mention I don’t need to moisturize my skin as I use the serum twice a day. Use it before makeup and it helps getting finesse touch. There you go guys! Thank me later! #MagicSerum

  2. Maliha

    The oil is really effective. it tighten the skin. great

  3. Lalarukh Baber

    I have been using your product skin whitening serum for 5 days only bu I can already see the difference. I absolutely love love love the product and I recommended it to all my family and friends. Lala rukh, rawalpindi

  4. Mrs. Saba

    They asked me to send my review of their products. Well I have been purchasing from nirvana botanics for quite some time now. I think I have used all their products. Their quality is the best. I rellike how they keep such good quality everytime. My favourite product is the skin whitening and 24K Gold Serum. They are my babies and I use them daily. So my rating is 5 out of 5.

  5. Mehak

    A.A I wanted to review your whitenings serum,, its been 2 week now,, its seriously a great product, i felt change in my colour tone after almost 5-6 days,, my face started to glow,, as a college student and due to to extreme exposure to sun i was so mch tanned, it really helped me out, the serum is almost, overall i a satisfied customer.. Keep up the good work. Love

  6. Ali Saqlain

    Whitening serum is 2 gud the result is awesome. my skin color tone changed atleast wtice, its so natural and took just 2 weeks.

  7. Sidra J

    I love love this product. its so good. My skin tone changed has so much. I use it daily on my face hands feet. They result realli awesome

  8. Mariyam Khwaja

    Really the best skin whitening product in Pakistan. The results are excellent. My skin tone has changed in days. Highli recommended.

  9. Hamna Azher

    Apka Serum is awesome hai. When I use this serum within 3 to 4 days, I noticed skin glow. Also there is change in my skin tone. And there are no side effects. Alhamdullilah.

  10. Sid Kamran

    I am saying it honestly this is by far the best skincare product I ever used. In the beginning I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not. But I saw the feedback on nirvana’s page and thought to give this serum a try! Soon enough the results were so obvious, I started to notice change in color tone by day 5. So my verdict is that this whitening serum definitely works! It’s really unbelievable!

  11. Humera

    I have been using the whitening serum for last 10 days and I am in love with this and not switching to any other serum 🙂 After using this I have a glowing and even skin tone, Alhumdulillah 🙂 Thank you Nirvana for bringing out such an amazing serum

  12. Tamkeen Awan

    I am using whitening serum and vitamin C+E serum. I really feel difference in my skin the whitening serum worked very well for me my skin colour is now 3 tones lighter then it was before. It also removed my sun tan from my skin.

    Vitamin C+E resolves my acne issues and evened out my skin colour and reduced pigmentation 😍

  13. Sharmeen

    This is my 10th ordeer.. im obsessed with ur whitening serum…girs dont wait for it and go and ordrr..Eid is coming…and this is not paid review..i am very satisfied customer …day by day my skin is looking fresh flawless..my skin is even tone now..and pigmentation is reduce ..my holy grail..this is a brand you can blindly trust.. thank you nirvana botanics

  14. Maliha J

    this is my favourite product in the whole wide world, this really is a holygrail. This serum has helped me so much, my acne almost completely gone and my skin tone has definitelt changes at least two tones.

  15. Maham sheikh

    I have ur whitening serum and fat burning oil consistently, and let me tell u they r AMAZING!!!! The do give what they promise!!! My complexion, discoloration and freckles have improved tremendously.

    And with fat burning oil i have lost straight 2 inches of my waist in 1 week. I do not diet…… so whatever i feel the need to reduce double chin I would apply it for 2 3 days and Viola.. Love them both

  16. Hadia Mukhtar

    ok so mai ne order kia tha whitening serum.. 14 days ho gy hn mai ne socha tha jb yeh bottle htm ho jaye gi tb review kron gi but phr aj hi review krne lgi hon..
    frst of all jb mai ne yeh serum order kia tha my skin was totally dead with dark spots burned and sun tanned.. actually i was using formula cream before so uski wja se skin patli ho gae thi aur dhoop mai janay ki wja burned ho gae v thi.. inshort mere monh ka texture aur rang bht harab huwa wa tha.. so i ordered ur whitening serum and strted using it.. i cant believe dat k is serum ki wja se mera skin texture just 5 days mai bht acha ho gaya aur mera skin tone b pehle se behtar ho gaya.. my mom also said that k MashAllah ur sking is getting so better day by day aur is k ilawa is serum ki wja se meri skin kafi glow b kr rae hai.. i am loving it.. seriously obessed with it !! thanku niravanabotanics 😊 baki bs zra bottle ka size thora sa increase kr dain 😊

  17. Guria

    Amazing serum ..just love it .. gives glowy even toned fair skin ..best for oily acne prone skin…

  18. Shiza

    Hi i used their whitening serum itx reallly work on my skin no side effects and best thing is itx all organic…so highly recommended

  19. Arslan

  20. Aiman arooj

    Your whitening serum is amazing abhi i think 8 days huay hn my skin is good day by day and glowing as well my skin tone is good but u need to work on quantity.

  21. Miss Abstracted

    I have been suffering from acne since past 6-7 years and nothing worked for me from home-made recipes to trying expensive products nothing actually worked. Then I came across nirvana botanics instagram page and after reading the reviews without thinking twice,I ordered the skin whitening serum.It’s almost 20 days that I am using the serum daily.The serum smells amazing which is the best part. My skin feels glowing, fresh , its becoming much more neat. Although the acne scars have not fully disappeared by they are much more lighter and I am sure with regular usage my skin will be acne free. So girls without thinking twice just order the product and you will be forever grateful.
    P.s very soon I will be ordering another serum and will definitely try the other products of NB.

  22. Nazle Rehman

    true lifesaver i swear! My acne is completely gone, marks are diminishing and there is no uneven skin tone anymore. very nyce product

  23. Sara


  24. Maliha sikander

    Didn’t suit me that much. Its not bad because it keeps you moiturized and you can use it before make up top but i think their vita c serum is better than this whitening serum

  25. Hadia Mukthar

    I have used many of your products. I used your whitening serum , vitamin c and e serum , lash serum and under eye.. I ordered these products from you many times and abi Jo apne off lgaya that TB b do vitamin c and e serum liye thy and whitening serum bhi…
    meri skin phle formula cream use kr k bht zada hrb ho gae v thi bht zada thin ho gae thi jis ki wja se sun burn bht e zada ho gaya wa ur products are amazing ma inhe jb use kia merit skin bht zada thek ho game thi even tone aur bht zada clear ho gae v ha ab aur SB se best bat yh k meri skin ab bht zada glow krti ha.. hormonal issue ki wja se pimple b bnte thy jinhe ma sher deti thi aur WO marks unke reh jatay thy lkn ab WO b SB htm ho gy way hn.. ur products are amazing..

  26. Alyba Imran

    I wanted an effective facial serum for my oily skin this winter. I searched a lot and ended up buying Nirvana botanics’ Skin whitening serum. It was in a beautiful packaging containing a cute bottle. Quantity was considerable. Moreover, it was a blessing on my skin. It can do wonders for people with oily/combination skin.
    Benefits of this serum are:
    🌸Hydrating and Moisturizing
    🌸Brightening and tone correcting
    🌸Treat acne scars
    🌸Treats pigmentation
    🌸Absorbs quickly
    🌸Can be used before makeup
    🌸Gives you glowing skin

  27. Mehak_shah19

    I wanna give a feed back about your whitenning serum….. Me feed back diay begair rh hi nhi saki because ye ghlt hoga agr me feed back nhi doongi to….
    I ordered serum a month back from another well known company but my acne and face got worse that’s why I was scared to give you guys a try…. But it’s been 5 days only and i am seeing visible changes on my face…. Thanks so much for your good and pure products keep maintain your good quality as it is…..
    Its the best serum i have ever used….. Thanks NB

  28. iffat

    So Firstly i said thanku so much Your whitening serum Is so Amazing Your whitening serum is the girls Best Friend🥀seriously it’s work like a magic my acne has completely Gone❤️And my Acne dark spot i tried many things but no results when i started your whitening serum around 3 weeks My skin was so clear and smooth silky And my skin was so dull because of college sun tan but this serum work a great 🥀thanku Nb team You guyzzz Doing A great Job seriously Allah bless you❤️🥀🙂

  29. mahnoor khan_75

    I have been using the whitening serum from last 17 months😍
    I love this serum as it suites my skin.I have tried others too but they don’t suite me. Thank you so much Nirvana Botanics for making such products for us❤

  30. Umama

    Had order ur whitening nd vitamin C&E serum for a try , but i m amazed by ur products it cleared up my skin really very happy with the results thats why i wanted to order ur dark circle roller and also ur products are amazing,smells great nd refreshing❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍 well done nirvana

  31. Sehab ch

    I just loved the results 😍❤️
    Ordered it for 2nd time ❤️😍

  32. Sehr Younis

    Its My third order. That’s mean I love your whitening serum♥️

  33. Sehr Kashif

    It’s amazing 😍 it’s improved my uneven skin tone and complexion as well….just love it😊😊

  34. Shaista Farooq

    Assalam.u.alaikum…your whitening serum is really very good❤my acne is almost finished within 15 dayss and my bottle is finished too will order it again inshaAllah

  35. Alaiba Chaudhry

    I’m ordering whitening serum for the 3rd time n it’s absolutely amazing product ..perfect for oily and acne prone skin ..improves skin texture and colour by giving glow ..to be honest everyone asking me about my skin improvement I just love it And best part is it’s organic.. thanku Nirvanabontanics for making such great products ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Mehwish Awann

    Actually i wanted to share my experience with you whitening product, last time when i used it i had some black big spots near my lip area , while using i realize that this product has done magic on my face all black spots removed my skin got clear. This product is so amazing now i ordered it again coz started having pimple spot and blackened near lip area, surely will order again n again thank you 🥰

  37. Laraib Ansa

    Your whitening serum is really good……. My skin is getting clear now…. Highly recommended this product. I love this product

  38. Hajra Anwar

    I used you whitening serum. Meri Almost sari acne khtm hogye hy. Bus thori si rehti hai abhi

  39. Iqra

    Seriously it was amazing 😍 😍 my acne scars vanished and I am very happy 😊

  40. Shazzzzmalik

    Apka whitening serum boht zabrdast hai.. 1 week b ni hua or visible result nazar ata hai..

  41. Farwa cheema

    I try ur product nd its really works i use it almost a month my scars starting disappear now😊

  42. Anaya

    I used your whitening serum ❤️ its very good 😊 i fell good face evey day ☺☺

  43. Yamna zaib

    This serum seriously can change the game for uneven skin tone 💯👍 I sent this to my sister who is living in Dubai . 👌😊

  44. Mahrukh Aqdas

    Bohat acha serum hy. Mujhay 2,3 saal say har 5,6 months baad dermatologist k pass jana parta tha acne ki wajah say. Lekin jab say yeh serum use krna start kiya hai na honay k barabar hogayi hai acne n it improves my skin tone too. JazakAllah

  45. Rid Saeed

    I was on diet so I had dark shadows under the eyes. I had acne and dark spots. Skin was uneven. Now I am free from all those issues. Thankyou ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Aniee

    Within a week I got amazing results highly recommend ♥️

  47. Kainat Rehman

    Aoa.. I really like your whitening serum. I ordered one bottle in ramzan and it worked wonder on my skin. I have a very sensitive skin plus stubborn blemishes which i thought would never vanish but because of this serum 90% of them are gone without any rashes or irritation. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work

  48. Momal Tahira

    Asalamualaikum, Im using your whitening serum since 5 dayss ad my acne, scars dark spots are better now I LOVED IT 💕💕 InSAllah I will order again soon

  49. Iqra

    Plzz Plzz use this serum. It’s a miracle. After useing it acne disappeared on my face it’s smell also so good product quality very good. totally worth my 1350 😃

  50. Minahil cheema

    I’ve been using your whitening serum for quite some time and I have to say that I’m really really sensitive about what I put on my skin but this serum did wonders to my skin. I mean you guys are actually doing a really good job

  51. Asra Tahir

    yes I used whitening serum its just Awesome result my acne and acne scar fade I love this product its in my routine to use at night ☺️highly recommended 💯💯💯❗️it change my skin texture recommend for oily skin 💯

  52. Jiya Adrees

    I have used your whitening serum. I had a severe pigmentation issue on my face.. And Alhamdulillah it is much better than before since its 3 weeks i have been using. I also have acne issue also wanna try your vitamin A and C serum

  53. Ayesha Imran

    So sorry totally forgot to give u feedback for your whitening serum…
    It’s totally amazing and my skin is so much clear and brighter now❤❤😊

  54. Mehr khan

    I loved your both serums. My skin feels so soft now. No need of makeup. Thank you ❤️

  55. Areesha wajahat

    Ok guys so here i am with my review for whitening and C+E serum, after i guess 17 to 20 days what magical serums they have i am in loveeee with them they are super effective, perfect absorption but let me tell you guys 1 think it takes some time and then you will see flawless results ❤❤
    You can use whitening serum as a primer as wellll it really works!!! trust me 😉
    My 2nd order is on the wayyyy I’m loving it 😍

  56. Noriya

    Mam ye whitening serum indeed ek miracle hai mai ne first time koi product online order kr ke use ki hai aur use face pr use krna waqae ksi risk se km nhi hota mai bhi apka serum use krne se pehle kafi scared thi ke skin pr acne na ho jae skin pr irritation na ho jae but mam ye serum bilkul waisa hai like the way u promised bessssttttttt serum i hve ever used iski consistency bhht achi hai aur ye skin mai itne ache se absorb hota meri skin oily hai aur mai dr rhi thi ke ye oily na kr de mazeed but mam waqae is se oily skin balance hue hai acne problem cure hue hai and sb se achi bat iski ye ke skin glow krti hain Thank uuu soo much for such an amazing product bus ek suggestion ye hai ke iski quantity thori zyada kr den ya ek big size bottle bhi introduce krwaen n inshaa Allah i will order again waiting for the first to be finished😍

  57. Zayn fatima

    I order whiting serum 2 months ago and results was good then order vitamin c+e and use both then results was amazing so now i want to order again whiting serum

  58. Zarafshan Ibriq

    Didn’t work all that well on my skin …despite the fact that I have few pimple marks. It did help to reduce the pigmentation around mouth, but I think it should have work more

  59. DR. Mahnoor Bukhari

    Satisfied with your Vitaminc&e serum. Hope So your whitening serum will works the same. Thankyou ❤️❤️

  60. Qurat ul ain Rabbani

    It’s just a serum or magic packed in a bottle 🤩 I have been using your whitening serum for a week now and just love it.
    Thank you so much NB

  61. Fatima

    I used your Whitening serum for 7 days and it shows excellent results. My acne scars are gone and Myn skin started glowing. Thankyou for this amazing product Nirvana botanics😊

  62. Samra

    I have waited two months whilst using the product in order to provide an honest review. Overall, it has gained my staisfaction. Firstly, I want to comment on the serum. Its viscosity is just perfect. I only need a little to cover full face. Its also doesn’t seem to have any artificial smells which is good. I have been using the product for more than a month consistently as I am aware no product has IMMEDIATE results but I did saw visible improvement in skin colouration, removal of acne spots/dark spots. I have a normal skin, not dry or too oily with occassional breakouts so I quite happy with results

  63. Maham Baig

    I recieved my order of skin whitening serum 30 days ago. Only giving this review after using it daily for 30 days. I’m loving the results. They serum comes out of the dropper really easily. The results are also as claimed. Kudos to the team at nirvanabotanics. Gonna order again from them.

  64. Seham Faisal

    Truly magical!

  65. Maha akram

    ap k dono serums mene use kiye aur meri skin 80% clear ho gai.. na dubara mjy pimple nikla aur na koi allergy hui.. boht suit kia h mjy.. me abi b use kr rhi hn.. inshAllah 100% farak pr jaye ga

  66. Ajwa mustafa

    Your whitening serum is amazing. It helps to remove whiteheads, blackheads It Also closed mn pores. Thankyou ❤️

  67. Muskan chaudhry

    I am suffered from my teen age in acne issue.no one resolve.l even that through laser treatment b koi khas aser nhi howa tha.but apka whitening serium few month sy use kr rahi hon meri acne bilkul control ho ghay hain.its a magical serium for me.

  68. Naimal khan

    Ur scrum MashaALLAH very go0d mera skin bht sensitive hain bht kch try kia. Lekn apke whitening serum vitamin E scrum use kr ke mere face pay Alhamdulillah bht farq hua hain🌼👍👍😍😍

  69. Mariam manzoor

    I wanted to tell u I used your whitening serum before and in love with it last month my sister got me very expensive yuija serum I used for a month and to tell u truth I don’t love it as much as I love your whitening serum that is why IAM ordering your serum again rather then using that serum love it keep up the good work guys

  70. Amna Hashmat

    Skin become clear and whiten with glow. Plus it hydrate the skin as well thats why I am ordering again and will order more Insha Allah.

  71. Hajra Shahbaz

    Me apko batana chahti k me buhat khush hon ye serum use kar k, boht achay result hein

  72. Nisa

    I just read these reviews for buying this whitening serum and and shocked how is it possible all are reviews are too much with postive results

  73. Minha

    agr serum ka use rokdya jaey tou kya is k side effects hongy???

  74. Darkshah baloch

    I have used your both serums.
    Serums work fabulous…… So that’s why m ordering it again…… 💕😊

  75. Sana Waqar

    Your whitening serum is really too much miracle, that serum giving me surprising day by day extremely impressive so I can’t wait to buy 2nd time before end because I got amazing result on my face.

  76. Rabeen

    Best whitening product

  77. Ayesha sayyed

    Your Whitening serum is very nice Allhumdulilah. It gave me golwing and healthy skin. Thankyou so much ❤️

  78. Muneeba gull

    Loveee your productsss!
    Whitening serum jaldi kahatm ho jata hai bus bottle thore bare kar dain 😛
    Baqi wo jo bhe hai kamal hai.

  79. Rabeen Khan

    Using it for 4 month my skin tone become fairer more than I expected

  80. Fatima

    3 words, I love It! Highly recommended!

  81. Laiba Ayaz

    loving it 😍😍

  82. Ayesha

    Like its a holy grail product it just lightened my scars so muchhh and I can feel the difference in just a week its probably the best product I have come across I will soon Inshallah be sharing the before and after picture after I have emptied the bottle thankyou so muchh such good product❤️❤️❤️more success to you

  83. Sehab

    Btw results r owsam ……myry hasband k pepalz khtm e nae hoty thy ….or ab jb sy lga ry ….i think k 6 month ho gy han use ko ……tb sy bilkul clear skin ha…..

  84. Iqra

    Btw results r owsam ……myry hasband k pepalz khtm e nae hoty thy ….or ab jb sy lga ry ….i think k 6 month ho gy han use ko ……tb sy bilkul clear skin ha…..

  85. Rahma Tauseef

    I’ve used your whitening serum. My skin is glowing and become fairer in just a couple of months.😍😍😍 Iam very happy and satisfied with the results. No doubt, this serum is amazinggggggg 🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️ I just love it!! ♥️😍

  86. Zoha Haider

    I am going to share my before after pictures with you beacuse the difference is visible I can feel my skin so fresh mattified non oily and bright absolutely loved it❤️❤️

  87. Saba usman

    Its amazing whiting serum but its 15ml product is not good its 30ml in 1500 is done expensive hojata h or kuch mangwa nh skta bana ya rate kam kren to kuch or b le le hum jaise lig

  88. Sadaf Noshahi

    Yaa serum waqi bht work karta hn🥺😍😍start ho skta apko ahis sy break out ho magar jasa Imran khan sahib kahaty haan Sb sy phlaaay toh apnaay ghabraana nahi hn😁ahisi tarh break out hotay hn mgr ap ko consistency sy use krna at least once month ya definitely work kr jata hn ma kr rhi ho…😍😍❤️❤️it’s amazing

  89. Kashaf Tarer

    Whitening serum apka uhsko toh lagany ky foran bhd hi ap aik difference feel kr lty ho glow ka voh toh mera hatam bhi honay wala Voh makeup sy phly aur ma subha aur raat dono may use krti ho definitely ma dubra order karnay wli ho😁❤️

  90. Urwa

    Yeah i loved it alot✨ MashaALLAH sy skin clear hoti ja rhi😍

  91. Fatima Khan

    Thia serum ia life savior….my skin got clearer with this serum and just scars are left which will also be fade away inshallah
    Love this brand💓💓❤️❤️💓💓💓💓💓💓❤️💓💓💓❤️❤️💓💓💓

  92. Hamna

    Your whiteing serum is too good I have seen it’s results b’coz my cousin is using your whiteing serum nd it’s bestess….🥰

  93. Rameen Akhter

    I m using your whiting serum that is really good i see the major difference …issa good investment ❤

  94. Momina

    Well… I’m using Your products from last 7 months… you gyx are totally love 😭❤️ Itni skin clear hogai meri Allhmdulilah…. Vit C+ E suit ni kiya shyd skin bht sensitive.. Blkul around 13 to 14 bottles m whitening ki use kr chuki😍😍😍 MashaALLAH sy i’m getting results 😍😍😍 Pr apka Newly launch glow mist is bomb🥺 it doesn’t let my ance grow.. smoooth c clear c skin ka effect dyta …. JazakAllah ❤️

  95. Javeria

    Amazing results meri skin ma blackheads thy after applying your serum pury blackheads clear hogayeh woh b khuch days ma hee like 10 days tak meri skin k kafi issues khatam hogayeh…

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